Ways to Make Money Online With Your Blog or Website

Do you make money with your blog or website?
If you do plase don’t bother keep reading, but if you are an average joe, your website sales are low and unpredictable and you need to think of new ways to make money online without investing more time and/or effort.
First hand most of your time should be dedicated to create “your product”, so here are some ways to make money online (a little bit or a lot) without having to dedicate a lot of time.

1. Affiliates Commission
If you can refer your customers to these sites. Once one of my referrals makes a purchase, I receive a small payment. With some of the affiliate programs the fee is quite large.
Sign up to become an affiliate (i.e. clickbank) for other businesses that are on the online, Only sign up with the companies and/or products that you honestly would recommend to anyone.

2. Google Ads (Adsense)
Get a FREE Google adsense account, create your campaing, get the code, paste it on you site and get paid anytime somebody click on the ads. It will only displays ads related to the topic of your blog or website.

3. Google Search
it Works close to the same way as the ads. Somebody uses your search tool, make a purchase and then you are compensated.

4. Amazon
Another great tool/site that will generate in a few dollars, all for 15 minutes of your time setting up a small piece of code into your website and Amazon does the rest.

5. Selling Advertise Space
You could sell advertise space if you have a site that has good traffic.

6. E-Books Selling (PLR)
Do you know something about your craft or hobby that you know people would pay to learn as well? Then sell it in an e-book. What a great way to make a little extra money. You take the time to write a good quality e-book then just fill the orders. You could even set it up so that once the e-book order has been processed and paid for, it goes out automatically using an auto responder without you even having to lift a finger, except to go to the bank to collect your money. Keep next posting will be about PLR (Private Label Right), so come back.

you won’t get rich with these programs, but you may make a decent sum of money every month with a combination of all of them.

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